Moving Into The Department

A lot of the staff orientation today was repetitive and not applicable to my job role so I took the opportunity to move into my office and start pulling things together. The morning mostly consisted of tidying the office and preparing for the new year, I kept a copy of last years documents for reference (i.e. games). I also met the new Program Director, Jordan Haber, he seems really well suited to the job having immediately begun organising the summer ahead, I’m certain this year will run much smoother than the previous.

My first project was testing the new projector I ordered prior to starting my job, it all worked as expected and I can definitely see an improvement in using it this year. There was a minor design fault where the plastic body blocked the VGA port, I ended up sawing off a section to reveal the entire port.

Other checks I began today included adding cables to the portable audio system (XLR and 3.5mm), charging iPods, checking movies played on the girls bunk televisions (need a 12V power cable for one) and that all the speakers were working in the dining hall.

Throughout the summer I will also be responsible for birthdays, this generally consists of a cake at dinner, an ice cream party during snack and a movie in the bunk for night time. As it was a counsellor birthday I located their table and had one of their friends bring out the cake whilst I announced their birthday and played the traditional Timber Lake birthday song (The Beatles – Happy Birthday).

I finally wrapped up the day with a simple microphone and music setup in the rec hall for dodgeball. Overall it’s been a productive day and I’ve made good progress in getting my department together. As Jordan is away for the week and Alistair (Program Assistant) is doing orientation I will be taking the lead for the Program Department.


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