Sing Night

Unfortunately the apache relay was cancelled again due to wet weather. Yesterday most of the days activities were rained off meaning I got to have a quieter day than expected, I spent the majority of it compiling the ultimate sing along playlist to equip myself with music for the entire summer. Despite running around and getting all the equipment ready today I ended up shifting my focus on testing the new microphone equipment for the outdoor PA system.

After testing the new receiver I discovered Robbie had purchased the wrong model meaning the microphone was not compatible. After speaking to Shure on the phone I have now packaged up the old equipment to be shipped for repair, this should get back to camp within the week. The new receiver I have packaged ready for return, however we may instead purchase another microphone to work alongside the new receiver, I will discuss this with Robbie.

The evening activity ‘Sing Night’ featured lower, middle and upper camp competing with one another in the rec hall in dance, song and design. All teams brought me devices with music loaded for their acts, I simply followed their instructions for all the audio cues. For upper camp I hooked disco lights on the upper balcony to match their routine.

After the activity I ended up setting up a speaker in the canteen (social spot to relax in the evenings). The speaker resulting in a dance circle being created with all the counsellors really enjoying themselves. Later in the night I was able to plug in the camp iPod and play all the dance style tunes (i.e. Macarena, Cha Cha Slide) which received an amazing response. All the counsellors, maintenance and head staff joined in and had a great evening. A very simple single speaker setup with an amazing response for a fun filled evening.


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