Day Before Campers Arrive

Today marks the first day campers have arrived, the Florida bus cam in at 4pm with some campers, the rest are expected tomorrow. Seeing the campers has really got me excited for the summer ahead, I’m going to pull all into my role and make it better than last year.

The majority of my day was spent in the rec hall for several talks by Jay. All required the standard setup of an iPod for backing music and one microphone for the speakers. Unfortunately there is still no sign of the green microphone (missing after sing night), I’ve told a range of people about this so I’m certain it’ll show up soon.

One of the talks required a projection of a scene from ‘Saving Private Ryan’. For this I loaded the film onto an iPod and connected it via an iPod – RCA cable. The yellow video went into the projector whilst the red/white audio went into the preamp at the front of stage that is rigged into the main desk (RCA – female to female RCA – RCA to 3.5mm – 3.5mm to 1/4 Jack).

I had the opportunity to meet the drama instructor today so I showed her around the facilities and answered all the questions she asked Like me she wants to improve the facilities in the rec hall (i.e. stage lights) so hopefully we can work together and approach Janie (Girls Head Counsellor) with suggested purchases. As she was interested in the spotlight I decided to investigate why it wasn’t working. I had to re-wire the plug as the connections were loose, I am now awaiting on a new 300W bulb and hopefully it will work.

Finally myself, Jordan (Program Director) and Alasdair (Program Assistant) have all moved into the office full time and can start working together to pull off a range of tasks over the summer. I have been running the department all week by myself so I am grateful to have the team together. I’m expecting a bigger role this year due to my knowledge gained from last year.


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