Fold-back Speaker & Karaoke

Tonight was the magic/hypnosis performance from Brad Henderson, amongst his requirements one was for a fold-back speaker, this way the people on stage can focus solely on his voice. I had my suspicions that there was already an outlet to attach a speaker on the rec hall stage as there were marked cables from the booth that suggested this. However when I checked I was unable to locate a cable on the stage for this function, the two marked “9” and “10” couldn’t be located, as there were no theatre plans I tried following the cable manually but unfortunately lost it beyond a certain point. I took it upon myself to rig a new cable from the booth to the stage, crafted with 4 XLRs which I threaded together and secured to the ceiling. When the cable drops to the stage I have temporarily fastened it in place using duct tape, Paul Carroll (Head of Maintenance) has agreed to cable staple it to the front of stage when he has time.

As Brad Henderson had already been to Timber Lake Camp before he was very easy to accommodate for. With all his equipment being wireless and controlled by him all that was required from me was to monitor all the kit in the booth incase anything went wrong. Thankfully the entire performance ran smoothly and I was able to comfortably sit back and enjoy a stunning act.

The end of the night saw the weekly staff meeting and raffle. This event occurs every Saturday night in which Jay will address every staff member (minus head staff) for a weekly update and to discuss any relevant topics, plus an opportunity for staff to voice their opinions before enjoying a buffet prior to the staff evening activity. Each week the Program Team is responsible for the raffle, we simple ensure everyone has a ticket and Jay then pulls tickets out of a hat for each prize. The prizes have been pre-arranged by Robbie so we simple had to bring them up the meeting and in the case of money vouchers/tickets make a note of the winner so they can collect them for the office.

For the evening activity I was able to reference the karaoke set up I used the previous year at camp. I placed a TV monitor on stage connected to my laptop via a VGA – MiniPort cable in a mirrored format. Having access to the rec hall wi-fi I was then able to locate karaoke versions of whatever requested songs using YouTube, this also meant I was prepared for pretty much every request, I think there was only one song I was unable to locate during the event. I used three wireless microphones whilst my laptop was hooked up via the stage plug 3.5mm, both levels I had pre-set on the main desk allowing me to sit next to the laptop and pass around microphones. Finally I hooked up a variety of disco lights around the stage and balcony adding to the karaoke ambience. The night proved to be a huge success, so much so that we ran out of time for everyone to compete. As a result we will be repeating the event again next week so everyone has an opportunity to win one of the three top cash prizes.


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