4th Of July Fireworks

I started the day off by sending back some iPod to RCA cables that weren’t compatible with our systems having tested various combinations of TVs and iPods. The rest of the day was focused on creating the playlist to accompany the 4th of July firework display. I sat down with Jay to discuss what he wanted, the main points being ‘American’ with a military style rolling pace. We went through a large selection of music and came to an agreement of a 16minute playlist.

The music was run by the display company so we could agree some signals to run alongside the music. Usually you can buy a package for fireworks to match music, however as this was a spur of the moment idea I had to do my best to have a few points where the music and fireworks matched amongst the rest of the playlist acting as a backing track. The signals were for the start of the fireworks, a 10 second warning before the finale should start, and the finale.

4th July Song List

I had the PA system set up and working at Tigers Den prior to the counsellor baseball game. As usual it was the case of some microphones for announcing and music for the intervals. The firework display followed the game, as I was sat in the booth running the PA system I had Jordan radio Steiny to give a signal to the firework operators. The timing was a little off but considering it had been pulled together last minute I was happy with how it turned out, Jay was extremely happy so therefore it can only be seen as a success.


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