Camper Talent Show

Dan, Jordan and I tested the shark tank format today. Having built a make shift stage and hung sheets for projection we immediately saw how amateurish this concept looked and had to go back to the drawing board. We need to reconsider the staging format, but there are very few options we can chose from due to the technical requirements. Dan has had some success with live streaming as the MiniHDMI from DSLR to projector worked successfully, he now needs to expand the concept for multi-cam vision mixing and consider cable length or wireless options.

Tonight was the Camper Talent Show, Robbie and Jordan had been responsible for the selection of acts whilst I came on board today for technical requirements. I met with all the acts during rest hour for final amendments, I have mixed down all the tracks into an easy use playlist (as opposed to multiple iPods to swap between). I also came up with the idea for video projection during the solo singing acts as it makes the experience feel like a bigger experience for the children as if it was live vision mixing on a festival stage.

Camper Talent Show 2 Camper Talent Show

Prior to the event we had time for some short technical rehearsals, all the requirements for relatively simple so it didn’t take much time to check all the audio levels and lighting. Jordan and I spoken to the art department earlier in the day so we collected signs and banners and hung them around the stage. For the event I ended up leading a small team for behind the scenes:
– Sound – Josh (Myself)
– Spotlight – George
– Stage Movements – Tanner
– Projector/Smoke Machine – Jordan


The show was a huge success, everyone really enjoyed the acts and everything sounded and looked amazing. We received a huge amount of comments and about how it was the best ever camper talent show to date. Despite all the positive feedback I am disappointed with how the show went, there were issues with the video projector meaning we had to scrap the video concept, to the audience this went unnoticed but I was really intent on making it work. On a positive note this has almost been a practice for future events, I need to have more time for rigging and need to assemble a larger production team. Everyone needs to be hot on their role – i.e. the projector cut out so I had to run down and fix it.


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