Shark Tank Filmshoot

The entirety of the day was spent filming Shark Tank; Jordan had created a schedule yesterday and distributed it around all the participants to ensure everything ran as planned. With such a tight schedule to film the entire team had to be quick and know exactly what they were doing, each pitch ran in its entirety whilst it was filmed on multiple cameras for editing afterwards.

My role on set was ‘Sound Recordist’ and ‘Floor Manager’. I started the day off by arranging the set to replicate the Shark Tank room, but at the same time making it have a unique Timber Lake twist. I was inspired by the original Dragon’s Den to give each Shark their own style of chair that was an extension of their alter-ego/personality. When all the HCs arrived I had to make sure they were all in place ready to go prior to the teen groups entering with their pitch. In terms of sound I was limited to live event equipment so it wasn’t an ideal scenario, none the less I made the most of what I had readily available.


I used the PA system with a variety of wireless microphones; the 3 clip-ons were used for speakers from the teams whilst 3 handheld wireless were taped to the desks in front of the Sharks. I was able to output from the PA system via 1/4 Jack into the 3.5mm of a Mac recording through Adobe Soundbooth. This layout meant I had to mix the sound live through the PA system mixing desk as I could only record through one channel via the 3.5mm cable. I felt like I did an extremely good job with monitoring and mixing the sound considering the equipment and facilities available. I also took up the role of ‘Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)’ between takes uploading all the card footage from the cameras whilst the next team prepared for their pitch and the rest of the crew prepared for the next section of filming.


I was extremely impressed with how the film shoot went, we ran to schedule and everything went smoothly. Despite having to use limited equipment I felt we utilise everything to the best of its technical abilities. All of the HCs and teams were able to focus during the pitch and it got to a point where the cameras almost went unnoticed. Everything was surprised how professional the filming location looked, it was great seeing the look on all the teens faces as they entered, all shocked by how intense and realistic it looked in comparison to the television show. Being a teen counsellor I already know how much they enjoyed it and how shocked they were at the intensity, most definitely a success as at the end of the day its all done for the kids.


Unfortunately Jordan and I had a last minute request dropped upon us for a version of ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ for an evening activity. We all rushed the de-rig and once we were almost finished I went off to get prizes and wrap boxes for the activity. We managed to reach the hour long deadline just in time, hopefully next time we will get more notice and can plan it around our busy schedule.

Lets Make A Deal Prizes


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