Olympic Opening Ceremonies And Shark Tank Filming

Tomorrow is a special day-long event known as the ‘Camp Olympics’, effectively it is a test run for the week long camp event ‘Marathon’ in which the entire camp is split into two teams and compete in a variety of events until one is victorious. The Camp Olympics see the camp split into four teams and compete in a variety of events, as the Program Team we were responsible for overseeing the event. The event is created by Steve Bochian with our department getting involved with particular events and helping to run the day.


The evening activity was the opening ceremony for the event, the entire camp gathered on Tigers Den and participated in four events decided by myself, Jordan and Danny Bell (Sophomore Boys HC). We agreed on the four events this morning then I was allocated the task of writing it up for both the opening ceremony tonight and closing ceremony tomorrow, also deciding upon the finer details such as who participates in each event. During dinner Steve Bochian announced the names for each team – Brazil Yellow, Argentina Aqua, Netherlands Orange, Germany White – these teams were chosen by Jay inspired by the World Cup finalists whilst I had input by changing the original colours so that each team matched the colour of the countries football kit. Steve also announced the captains, so following dinner Jordan and I briefed them concerning the evenings events and what will be happening tomorrow, we were also able to answer any queries. Jordan, Alastair and I then spent the evening gathering all the materials for the events before helping to run the activity.

Olympic Teams

We also completed the rest of the filming for Shark Tank, this shoot was a little easier as each group entered Jays Office for a short presentation alongside their respective investors. Jay would then say his opinion but not give a final verdict. We then filmed his final verdict after all the teams had gone so it would remain a surprise upon the screening. The filming was even quicker than before with a relatively simple set up, pretty much replicating the equipment from the previous shoot – I was still using the PA system with wireless microphones through Adobe Soundbooth. After capturing some additional pick up shots I am happy with have all the footage required, Jordan and I let Clare (Videographer) and Dan (Video Instructor) take the lead, seeing as Dan is doing the edit he has the best mind in deciding what shots are and aren’t needed.

Other tasks that helped to occupy my day included fixing the sound system in the gym, rigging a speaker/music/microphone by the tennis court for a tournament, and formatting a newly bought iPod ready for movies. The playlists I created a few days have already proved hugely successful, a few songs in particular have become instant classics to get everyone up singing and dancing, these include:

– House Of Pain – Jump Around
– John Travolta/Olivia Newton John – Grease Megamix
– King Harvest – Dancing In The Moonlight
– Los Del Rio – Macarena
– Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
– OZone – Dragostea Din Tei
– Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
– Proclaimers – 500 Miles
– Sugarhill Gang – Jump On It
– Village People – YMCA


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