Animal Man & Peter Pan

I started off the day with a slight change from my usual duties, we had a special guest coming in to run electives over the next two days who I was responsible for helping to settle in. The guest brought in a variety of rescue animals, in his sessions he allowed kids to see all the animals and taught them about how to care and treat them. Prior to his arrival in the morning I got a housing key for Steiny and made sure his room was prepared ready for use, there were a few items Robbie had to remove from the room but it was otherwise ready.

When he arrived I directed him up to the canteen where he, Alastair and I unloaded all the animals and help to set up the presentation area. As he had been to camp previously it was more so the case of refreshing his memory. I showed him the room we had for him to store his animals overnight and otherwise left him to run his electives. Throughout the day I checked up on him and helped to cater to whatever he needed. All the kids seemed to really enjoy the sessions with larger turnouts than intended, thankfully everyone was accommodated for and I only heard positive feedback from both ends of the sessions.

The evening activity was a camp performance of ‘Peter Pan’ as directed by the drama instructors. Kendal had spoken to me yesterday concerning microphones and lighting, thankfully the requirements weren’t too complex as I had spoken to her at the beginning of camp about giving enough notice for special technical requirements. I went to the rec hall after dinner to sound check and give microphones to the performers, apart from running the microphones I had no other tasks during the performance. Kendal had hired a camper to run the spot-light on the night so I just helped to keep an eye of them during the performance.

The one disagreement I had with Kendal was over microphones, she only wanted to use the hanging microphones and clip-on mics so it doesn’t restrict the actors movement whereas I wanted to use the handheld microphones too simple to be able to hear all the characters. This is one of the instances where the equipment available really does restrict what can be done, it was the argument of artistic against technical. I fully agree with allowing the actors freedom to move but we simply weren’t equipped to make that so. As a result during the performance you couldn’t hear half of what was being said, only the voices from 3 actors. The play was enjoyable but a lack of sound definitely had a negative impact. Jay did pull me up on this and I explained the reason for the sound restrictions, hopefully this could lead to possible investments in sound technology to avoid these scenarios in the future.


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