Shark Tank Export And Pep Rally

Today was supposed to be the screening of Shark Tank, however this has since been postponed until Thursday due to technical difficulties. Dan has been working on the edit night and day ever since filming wrapped up but kept facing issues with the Mac used for editing running slow and corrupting parts of the footage. Having completed the final version there was a power cut which caused the Mac switch off, when it was turned back on the final version kept crashing whenever it was opened. Dan managed to find a way to export what he thought was the latest version through Adobe Media Encoder, however when the export finished a few hours prior to the screening we discovered that the final version had in fact been lost during the power cut.

We explained the issue to Jay and suggested the possibility of screening part of the program as a teaser. Jay decided to push the screening back until when the program was officially finished and instead increase the pep really for Jacobs and Melter cup. It was an unfortunate issue but I’m certain it will all be ready and even better than before for Thursday.

During the day Jordan, Dan and I had taken the opportunity to test the projector in the Dome for the screening. Having tested both projectors we opted for the older model as it provided better clarity and clearer in lighter conditions.

The last minute change to the evening activity meant Jordan, Alastair and I had to run around crazy to get it all ready. We rolled out a red carpet onto the basketball court for all the players to run on with a smoke machine placed at the end for them to run through the smoke. We also rigged a variety of disco lights around the court to work alongside the existing spotlight fixtures in the basketball court ceiling. Robbie and Danny Bell ran the pep rally coming up with some activity ideas, I spent this time running the PA system for their wireless microphones along with using a playlist I had specially created for the event with help from the Jacobs cup team.


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