Gordons Pep Rally

This past week has been relatively quiet, nothing differing from the usual day to day requirements from the Program Department. I’ve just been rigging various equipment setups for activities with Jordan and Alastair along with birthday requirements, fixing equipment, creating playlists, etc. We also had some prizes to “cash in” from Shark Tank, these included pizza parties, ice cream parties, movies, etc. For the Brio’s Pizza Party (pizza place in local town) Jordan decided to make a spectacle out of it to make it more exciting for the kids. We had Steve Bochian gather all the collegiate boys by the HC waiting for the pizza, myself, Jordan, Alastair and Steiny then drove a short lap through the camp with a stack of pizza boxes and sodas so the kids could see before delivering it, I think the added showmanship was appreciated.

As Gordons Cup is tomorrow the evening activity was a pep rally run once again by Danny Bell and Robbie. The Gordons Cup is the annual hockey tournament hosted by Timber Lake for boys, this year is the one of the biggest turnouts with 11 teams in total. Traditionally the playlist for Gordons is indie and rock music so once again I created a specific playlist with the addition of some classic stadium anthems. During the pep rally I played a combination of these songs whilst running the PA system in the Timber Dome. The captain for the team provided me a copy of this years Gordons team song which I played for the teams entrance into the rink and will do tomorrow for all Timber Lake home games.


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