Gordons Cup

Today was arguable the biggest sporting tournament for Timber Lake Camp, the Gordons hockey seems to get a bigger following and more excitement than the Jacobs. Personally I prefer it as there is less scoring and more aggression as opposed to the overly fast pace of a basketball game. As with the previous tournament my responsibilities were to run the PA system in the Dome during every Timber Lake match. I would arrive 10 minutes prior to each match and start playing the Gordons playlist, as crowd arrived I switched this up to general stadium anthems.

Gordons Cup

During each game I had to stay on the PA system and cheer from the booth as every time Timber Lake scored a goal I would then play the New York Rangers goal song which the entire crowd sang along with. Throughout the tournament I was also on radio with staff placed at the other two rinks so I could provide live scores to Robbie to announce during his game commentary. After a well fought group stage and semi-final we managed to successful make the final against Starlight.

In the final we stepped up the team entrance to that of the pep rally the previous night. The smoke machine was placed by the entrance and the main lights turned off using purely the Dome spotlights, Robbie then announced each member individually along with naming the entire opposing team. During the interval Brett Kotcher (Teen HC) introduced me to a new stadium song which has proven popular with the teens, ‘Italo Brothers – Stamp On The Ground’ which proved to be popular with the entire of Timber Lake. I have a feeling this could possibly become a belated song of the summer, I have already asked Brett to send me a copy so I can play it at future events.

After a well fought final Timber Lake were victorious bringing back a second cup, only one more cup until we complete a season sweep (which hasn’t been done since 2000)! I really enjoyed the day having a perfect view from my booth to see Timber Lake walk through the competition and lift the trophy.




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