Kayla Stockert

With Jordan away for the day I stepped in as Program Director, today there was a lot going on so I was kept on my toes. To start off the day we had a lower camp soccer tournament, once I had greeted the guests and got them to the venue the tournament ran itself. Towards the end of it I brought over the trophies and photographers for a short presentation before seeing the teams off site.

Tonights evening activity had a singer ‘Kayla Stockert’ come and perform a small concert, a repeat of last years event due to its popularity. The entourage appeared mid-afternoon, Alastair then took responsibility for housing and keeping Kayla and her band occupied until the performance whilst I worked with the technicians to help rig the venue. They had no trouble setting up on the Tigers Den basketball court, I had to provide an additional set of speakers and a few cables but otherwise could leave them be.

Before the evening activity I had to run the PA system at the Den for the weekly Starfish ceremony. In case I haven’t previously mentioned Starfish it is an award ceremony that happens every week to celebrate positive attitudes on both boys and girls side. Starfish stands for – Sportsmanship, Tolerance, Appreciation, Respect, Friendship, Integrity, Sensitivity, and Helpfulness. The teen prize of ‘Steak & Lobster Dinner’ from Shark Tank was also redeemed at dinner following Starfish. Reggie Jones and his kitchen staff were notified a few days ago and when I checked up earlier today everything was under control. I decided to rig a speaker and play some generic lounge music next to the buffet to add to the sophisticated ambiance.


The Kayla Stockert performance was a success once again, as they had their own technical team I was able to sit back and enjoy it myself. Prior to the performance I ran a few sound checks with the technician and ensured there was another space between the campers and the band. After the de-rigging process I saw off the entourage before heading up for another weeks raffle and staff meeting. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to announce the final week of buses to the bar for staff nights off.


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