Clean-Up & Beauty And The Beast

As today was supposed to be quiet Alastair and I had planned to clean out our back storage room so we can start making an inventory of what we have and what we need to purchase. This room probably hadn’t been cleaned out in the past 10 years so there was plenty of be thrown straight out, it took us the majority of the day but I am extremely pleased with the job we have done. I now can finally get some order in place with all the camp technology and start to compile that purchase list Jay asked for.

Having cleared out the back room I spent the afternoon looking at smoke machines that could cover an entire lake in a matter of minutes for the breakout idea. Scott was originally looking but had no success, from my initial investigation I have already come across a piece of equipment known as a ‘Tube Of Death’. This would do the job perfectly however it may be difficult to keep it subtle as the tube has a very large diameter, Jay was hoping of a smaller pipe he could fit around the lake and claim as a new irrigation system.

The evening activity was an upper camp performance of Beauty & The Beast. Once again Kendal hadn’t come to me with any prior requirements, so I gave the available clip-on microphones and happily sat up in the booth monitor the levels throughout the performance whilst a camper operated the spotlight. I had told her Jays queries with the sound quality but understandable Kendal wanted to only use the clip-ons still so not to restrict movement. This time around it wasn’t as much of an issue as some counsellors acted in the performance so they were able to project their voice through the rec hall better. Despite an amazing performance the sound issues still remain, this can only be positive in terms of investing in sound equipment.

After the performance Jay went up to announce another breakout clue, with that Jordan killed the lights and I started the Phantom Overture with the strobe and smoke. Only this time after playing the entire overture once the Phantom then emerged from the smoke and addressed the audience before throwing gluten free snacks into the crowd. I gave the staff member playing the Phantom a clip-on mic so they had their hands free to throw out the snacks. Naturally the appearance of the Phantom this time caused a lot of discussion and excitement as the entire camp continued to try and solve the mystery behind Jays clues. I have had a lot of my campers come up to be asking about breakout and marathon, they know that I am involved but I am biting my tongue and taking any opportunity to tease them about it.


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