Cable Tests & Breakout Planning

Following the clean up yesterday I spend the majority of the day testing all the cables and throwing anything what didn’t work. I could then split up all the types of cables and label them clearly for future reference. This also worked as the perfect opportunity to start making note of numbers and types ready for the inventory list of all the Program Department items. Jay and I finalised the playlist for breakout today, I have now compiled it and timed it, sending it through to Scott who will contact the firework company so they can coordinate to the songs. I also had the chance to speak to the company who stocked the ‘Tube Of Death’ smoke machine, unfortunately it appears they don’t seem to do a smaller tube. I spoke to the guy about our scenario and it seems to be an extremely difficult scenario to achieve what we want without spending a huge amount of money. Due to the complications Jay has decided to scrap the smoke on the water idea, it isn’t vital to the breakout and is proving more trouble than its worth.

Today saw the majority of the camp leave for their trips, this week will be much quieter as everyone on camp leaves for several days apart from the lower divisions. These trips range from Boston to Canada, unfortunately due to my responsibilities on camp I missed out on the chance to join my teen division on their trip. None the less I’m certain I’ll appreciate the peace and quiet and opportunity to have a good nights sleep in the dorm!

The evening activity was a drive-in movie theatre, Robbie had decided on the films to be screened which we purchased on iTunes and uploaded to one of the camp iPods. Originally the screening was supposed to be in front of the boys HC, however due to wet weather we moved it into the Dome. This actually worked out better for me as it is an easier to rig, pretty much repeating the setup from the Shark Tank screening. The iPod to RCA cable was split between the projector and PA system, the video channel went direct into the project whilst the audio channels went through a preamp before connecting to the PA via an XLR input.


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