Carnival Day

This morning Jay, Scott and I reviewed the playlist for breakout as we weren’t sure about the finale track. After discussion and testing a few mix combinations we came to an agreement which meant I could mix down the entire track into one file (won’t have to worry about creating playlist), Scott then sent it through the the firework team.

I spent all of today arranging the Carnival Day, the event kicked off at 1pm until 5pm so I had the morning to run around and get everything set up. Thankfully I had last years Carnival materials to reference when creating rules and setting it up. Jordan had already hired an external company to bring stalls, these included two bouncy assault courses, cotton candy, slushies and an assortment of carnival games. I had spoken to Steiny yesterday about getting the stalls out from last year for the camp stalls so maintenance spent the morning building the stalls whilst I focused on getting the rest of the materials together.

Circus 6_8 Circus Floor Plan

The company ‘Circus Time’ arrived mid-morning, I met with the guy in charge and explained where to set up, complete with a diagram I had drawn last year. Once I had shown him the water outlet for one of the assault courses he was happy to carry on and be ready to go at 1pm. He showed me all of the carnival games he brought so I could put together some signs and rules. I then put together some additional games using camp materials, by the time I had written the rules up all the stalls were built so I could start assembling everything. The prize booth was run by the head of the art shack and swimming, I gave them some additional prizes and a copy of tickets that could be won at each game so they could set up the stall and assign values to items.


Just before 1pm I setup the PA system and started to play a generic playlist of modern summer music. A selection of counsellors then showed up to help run the stalls, I gave them all a briefing and explained the rules to each game. At 1pm the carnival officially began but within the first few minutes rain started hammering down, we waited it out for 15 minutes and once it had passed all the kids were able to come down and enjoy the afternoon. I spent the majority of the event wandering around to make sure everything was running to plan and giving out additional tickets to booths when needed. I also made various announcements and was just a spare body to help wherever needed.

The Carnival was a success, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and I am extremely proud with what I pulled off. Constructing the actual day came down to me as Jordan was busy with other activities. It was useful having the plans from last year as it made the entire process quicker, it meant I had time to enjoy the Carnival despite ending up sitting on the dunk tank and ending up in the water!


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