Tonight was finally breakout! Everyone had been discussing it all week and trying to predict when it would happen, most assuming tomorrow as that is the usual breakout day. It all broke out at the social this evening on Tigers Den. Last week we had moved the social down to the Tigers Den so people wouldn’t become suspicious when it was moved down for breakout, the reason being because it was happening on the lake. The theme was ‘Season Sweep’ following our win at all three of our home tournaments, the teen counsellors were responsible for running it as it is tradition. I rigged the Den the same as last week and provided the teens with a library of music they could play, this allowed me to focus on getting ready for breakout.

Social Floor Plan


For the social I moved a table down to the Den and used the PA system as the mixing desk, I plugged into this my laptop (via 3.5mm) for music, a wireless microphone for announcements (via 1/4 jack), an additional microphone for breakout announcement (via XLR), and a clip-on microphone for one of our social games (via 1/4 jack). I then scattered a variety of disco lights around the booth, and placed various tungsten par cans along the wall to light the dance floor safely rather than drowning all the disco lights out with the flood lights on the court. We had all the trophies on display and a pile of boxes which were claimed to be ‘Season Sweep T-Shirts’ when in fact they were the flyers with all the information for marathon.

As soon as it got dark I received the signal for Jordan as fireworks went off by the lake, all the campers ran down to the water whilst I killed the lights and started the breakout playlist. After a minute of fireworks two figures appeared on the lake and began duelling. These were two water propelled acrobats in light suits (green vs white) who performed stunts and acted out a battle wielding light swords. This performance lasted around 10 minutes before the firework finale and J-Ro (head judge for marathon) announced the team names for marathon as all the flyers were thrown amongst the campers.

This year the teams are ‘Game Of Thrones Green’ and ‘House Of Cards White’, I am part of green team this year with Alistair as my opposing skill set on white. Everyone seemed to enjoy breakout and it definitely came as a big surprise in terms of time and place, never had a breakout happened at night or on the lake before. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and am really looking forward to marathon. I already queried Jay as to my responsibilities during marathon, the idea is the entire camp is split evenly in terms of skills and ability so I wanted to clarify to what extent I can help white team with technology and what advantages I can offer my team. Last year I wasn’t assigned a team, I am looking forward to having someone to route for this time around.


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