Now that I’ve packed down all the equipment I have fully compiled the inventory of what we own and put together a short report with suggested purchases Jay can make for the future. If the purchases are made I can see myself coming back for one final year to see the transition of equipment all the way through. Having compiled the report together I am extremely excited for the future opportunities that may arise technically in Timber Lake Camp.

Program Department Inventory
Program Department Purchases 2014

Tonight was theĀ penultimate evening meaning the ‘Prom’. On my part it is pretty much the same setup as the weekly socials, only this time we drop all the games and move it up to the Timber Dome. Using the spotlights built into the ceiling I combined this with 5 PAR cans on the bleachers to provide enough safe lighting for movement. In addition I placed several disco lights in the booth facing the dance floor along with UV and fairy lights. I ran the music through the PA system via my laptop, this time around I used virtual DJ software throughout the entire evening for better mixing. I had previously used it for games (i.e. speeding up the Macarena), but this time around it prove useful in mixing together songs. As I had every song that had been featured in camp throughout the summer I had no problems in keeping the music mixing together for 3-4 hours.


Everyone seemed to enjoy the prom, from the booth all I could see were happy people socialising and dancing. I played party tunes for the younger ages and after they left I moved onto House and Rap for upper camp. I was happy sat up in the booth for the entire evening with friends visiting throughout to say their goodbyes and get pictures whilst everyone was suited and booted. It’s hard to believe that the campers leave in two days and this amazing adventure will come to an end.


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