Initial Proposal

Role – Producer

I never intended on producing a project this year, however Daniel Morgan and Nathan White approached me with a strong idea that I really loved, also between us we have assembled a very strong and reliable team that I have complete confidence in. I feel like this year may be my last opportunity to produce a film for a while, it is unlikely that I could walk into a job straight after university, and also I want to focus on lighting and colour grading. Nonetheless I feel producing generally provides a diverse set of skills that can be applied to a range of jobs in the future.

As a producer I will be continuing to build upon my organization, communication and team skills, all of which are generic skills for any type of job. I have produced two projects during University prior to this year: ‘Alcoholic Chocolate’ (UWE Y1 Drama), and ‘The Creative Carnival’ (UWE Y2 Documentary). After the success of ‘The Creative Carnival’ I felt like I was finished with being a producer, however knowing the confidence others have in me I feel like I should give it one last go for a really ambitious project. The potential success of this project would be a great credit to have under my name as a producer, and at the same time it means I can still focus on my craft as a colour grader for the same project.

Dan and Nathan are still developing the film; I have already provided feedback on the first draft of the script and now wait on further versions. We will soon start building our production schedule and I will start meeting with the crew, I feel like this will be shot earlier in the semester allowing room to focus on any other projects whilst it goes through a lengthy post-production process.

In terms of the future I do not anticipate on looking for experience as a producer and don’t have any intention to walk into this style of job. However it will provide a good fully rounded skillset that can accompany my pursuit into lighting design and colour grading. It also allows me to have an alternate focus whilst the rest of my efforts go into the grand idea for 3rd year that I am naming my investigation into light and colour.


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