DaVinci Resolve Desk Refresher

Last year I launched a personal investigation into cinematography and colour grader, this year I am continuing to build upon this skills but shape them and specialise further for future employment. I opted to take a refresher workshop on the DaVinci Resolve work surface, last year I ended up using the desktop ‘Lite’ version so I am eager to use the dedicated sweet, hopefully this will avoid any file issues I faced attempting to conform RED footage on a standard Mac desktop.

It was worth while attending the session to jog my memory, nonetheless I have a strong working knowledge of the fundamental functions of DaVinci Resolve. However I am not experienced using the desk for these tools so I may try and get into the sweet and practice using the desk in order to get quicker. The main things to remember on the desk in terms of colour correction is the ‘Add Serial’ on the left panel, then the joyballs controlling luminance and colour levels for Lift, Gamma, and Gain. The RGB Mixer can be found at the top of the centre panel along with the Printer Lights, both useful for shifting individual colours for balancing.

As Dipo Ogunmodede is also specialising in Colour Grading I have found it useful to have discussions with him about techniques and software, I think both of us may try and arrange additional sessions with Dave where we can pick his brain about particular functions, personally I want to get my head around key framing (e.g. moving a node and fading/changing the colour mid scene).


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