Production Meeting 2/10

Today we had our first official production meeting for ‘The World Of The Willows’, the turnout was great having at least one representative from each department (Script, Visual, Sound, Design, Interactive). The first order to business was a quick discussion with Rashida about the multimedia aspect to the production, she is more than happy to be the Producer for this aspect whilst continuing her role as Production Supervisor. Nathan hinted at her doing the web designing, however her main concern is committing to designing prior to knowing what the project brief entails. This is something that Nathan, Dan and Rashida need to decide upon, once they have we can decide who we need to get for the multimedia aspects of the project. One suggestion I made was a miniseries to follow the origin story or the route of other characters encountered in the film.

The main purpose of this meeting was to familiarise people with the project. I have set a deadline for the 2nd draft of the script to be completed by Tuesday, therefore everyone can view it prior to our pitch on Thursday. The rough outline Nathan provided so far was as follows:
“A world run by children, everyone above the age of 20 is taken. Six months on and Casey is trying to get her two sisters to safety as she is almost of age. Halfway through this journey her younger sister suffers an asthma attack meaning Casey needs to go to a hospital to get medication. In the hospital Casey comes across a bandit and kills him in fear, the bandits brother [Kramer] finds him dead and sets out to track her down and kill her. Kramer is also almost of age. Kramer and the unknown are both stalking Casey to kill her.”

Similar influences and texts to look into for the entire production team (including myself) are as follows:
– The Leftovers (TV)
– The Tribe (TV)
– Survivors (TV)
– The Last Of Us (Game)
– War Of The Worlds (Film)
– The Island (Film)

Currently there isn’t a massive amount of work for everyone to be committing to, it is more the case of researching and awaiting the next version of the script. These are the notes I have from each department:

Visual (Mike/Joe)
We will be running camera tests on Monday for testing visuals effects. Dan is in charge of this shoot and Mike will be acting as camera operator. We have requested that we film on the FS700 as the RED workflow is likely to be complicated. However we have told Mike that he can shoot tests on both cameras and compare if he wants to argue the case for the RED workflow. One of my concerns with the RED in particular is the boot up time during filming, working with child actors will be difficult enough to capture the moment and the RED only hinders the issue. If the FS700 gets the 2K/4K upgrade it will easily be the camera to use, however we need to accommodate if it does not, this is why I have left Mike the opportunity to make a case for the RED and discuss his cinematography preferences.

Research influences and await on script.

Set Design
Research influences and await on script.

Start thinking of potential as a transmedia/crossmedia platform ideas, Dan and Nathan will skype Rashida to discuss this further.

Nathan and Dan will complete the 2nd draft of the script by Tuesday so everyone can read it.

One final note to add is Mike has suggested Owen as a composer for the film, Dan will get in talks with Mike and Owen to follow up on these lead. In the meantime I will familiarise myself with the similar works and provide any feedback on the new version of the script. I will need to keep a close eye on Nathan and Dan especially to ensure everyone gets a copy of the script on Tuesday as planned.

We will all meet again next Wednesday (8th Oct) at 12.30pm to feedback on the new script and make any preparations for the pitch the following day.


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