Production Roles

Dan posted an original set of roles that he felt had been fulfilled by everyone, following todays meeting I can now confirm the following roles as I have spoken to everyone who attending individually to confirm their involvement. Admittedly we have still left the option for people to change their mind once they have read the script (Tues 7th Oct), however I think this unlikely as everyone seemed really invested having heard the idea. I feel like we have an extremely strong team and have my full faith in everyone selected.

Writer/Director – Daniel Morgan & Nathan White
Producer – Joshua Wakley
Production Supervisor – Rashida Goray
Multimedia Producer – Rashida Goray

Director Of Photography – Mike McCormick
Camera Operators – Mike McCormick, Nathan White & Joseph Cavaciuti
Gaffer – Joseph Cavaciuti
Sound Recordist – Jesse Embury Turner & Kurt Mathisen
Sound Mixer – Jordan Luke

Editing/VFX – Daniel Morgan
VFX Assistant – Kurt Mathisen
Colourist – Joshua Wakley
Sound Design – Jordan Luke
Sound Design Assistant – Kurt Mathisen
Foley/ADR – Jesse Embury Turner

Marketing/Behind The Scenes Coordinator – Sam Edwards
Set Design/Interactive Design – Helen Whittaker & Elizabeth Penny

Web Designer – TBC


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