Blue Light Test

Whilst shooting my lighting tests Jordan and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to test a blue light effect that could work for ‘The World Of The Willows’. Admittedly it isn’t either of our roles on the project, nonetheless it helps generate ideas and could be a starting point for Joe and Mike.

The effect was created by bouncing an ARRI 650W Junior off a reflector back towards the subject. There was a blue gel placed over the ARRI for the coloured beam, then by twisting the reflector it could give the effect of ‘scanning’. I then lifted the light and brought it closer to the subject for the concept of ‘being taken’. It was shot with a SonyFS700 with Zeiss 50mm CP.2 Compact Prime Lens (ISO 800, 25FPS, F/4).


Dan and Nathan liked the concept, it is a good starting point and definitely something Mike and Joe should be looking into. The blue light needs to be stronger when ‘scanning’. The effect works particularly well when the ARRI is shone directly in the subjects face as the light becomes whiter and overexposes the closer it gets to ‘taking’ the subject.


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