Light Diffusion Test (2 of 3)

Continuing from my light quality tests I have compared methods of diffusion using the Kinoflo Diva (KF32 & KF55 bulbs), Dedo Aspherics2, and 300W ARRI Junior. The Dedo and ARRI both act as a reference for a hard light whereas the Kinoflo is naturally diffused and soft. All of these lights I am likely to use on future film shoots this year so it is worth comparing methods of spread the light and see the results achieved.

image (2)

Dedo Diffusion ARRI Junior Diffusion Kinoflo Diva Diffusion

The observations of various diffusion techniques can be viewed as expected. The Kinoflo is naturally diffused, so the eggbox and softbox both help to further soften the light, neither of which seem to degrade the quality of light. Reflecting it off the black wall or reflector both help to pull the subject out from the background. Personally I think the softbox is much more effective than the eggbox for softening the light as both the standalone and eggbox seem to overexpose aspects of the subject slightly.

The evidence of diffusion between the ARRI and Dedo are both extremely similar, the Dedo merely acts as a dimmer version of the ARRI. I personally think double scrim or the reflector work best for evenly distributing the light and highlighting whilst removing the background. The black wall absorbs all the light.

image (3)

There isn’t a right or wrong way to light the subject or diffuse the light. These sheets of evidence alongside the video are useful to reference in future when trying to achieve a particular effect. I can safely conclude in my personal opinion scrim is the best option for the ARRI or Dedo whilst the softbox works best with the Diva. Reflectors are definitely effective in diffusing light and softening the beam on the subject.


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