Slow Motion Light Test (3 of 3)

image (1)

For the final test I made the most of shooting with a Sony FS700 utilising its high shutter speeds (100, 200 and 400fps). The immediate observation with all the lights tested – ARRI 300W Junior, Dedo Aspherics2, Kinoflo Diva-Lite – is the faster the shutter speed the less light captured by the lens. Once again the ISO was fixed at 800 with the F-stop at 4.

When the subject was lit by the dedo they were visible at all shutter speeds. By 200fps the colour started to dim, and at 400fps most of the darker details were lost as the remaining areas suffered from an dramatic increase in noise. The ARRI surprisingly started to create noise at the earlier shutter speed of 200fps. Despite the noise more detail in the darker areas was retained at higher shutter speeds. Finally the Kino started to create noise at 100fps and most of the image was lost from 200fps onwards. These tests were conducted with one lamp, typically in these scenarios you would add more light and adjust the camera settings to accommodate for the new shutter speed. We can draw the conclusion that a traditional fresnel bulb refreshes at a higher speed than the Kinoflo bulbs.


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