Production Meeting 15/10

The production is starting to take more form as every department has now been able to do direct research and experiment as Dan and Nathan work on their 3rd draft of the script. Proceeding the meeting Dan, Nathan, Mike, Joe and Helen were all set for shooting camera and silhouette tests, I had previously rigged the green screen in a morning workshop so made sure it was left set up giving Dan an opportunity to shoot visual effects tests to utilise the studio time as best as possible.

The main points from todays meeting was for everyone to shape together a treatment that can begin to form a production file for the entire project. Every department is to meet and create a page long summary of how they are contributing to the style of the project, for the visual and transmedia both will wait on on notes from Nathan and Dan for the basis of their treatments.

Nathan and Dan are still working on the 3rd draft of the week, expected to be completed next week. They will compose notes for the treatment by Friday so everyone can contribute by next Wednesdays meeting. Can look back into writing the story world (before/after) once treatment and script completed.

Create googledrive to assemble online production bible. Refresh knowledge on technical spec (see module guide) in terms of UWE ownership of the production, also useful for marketing to familiarise. Check about booking room for movie screenings, Jordan says availability is Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Different versions of monster sounds created, will experiment further. City scapes aren’t created yet but sound library started to be collected.

Haven’t been send a transmedia treatment yet as Dan and Nathan have rethought the concept – diary around Bristol. Will await new treatment for Friday.


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