Dark Sky Boiler Room

This is the boiler room video Beth wanted me to look at in particular for lighting design. The light centralises around blue and purple with the addition of green as a complementary colour to these dominant tones. Pinks are viewable in the audience areas that work within the palette, however these aren’t focused on the stage or artist.

The blues are very relaxing and calming, an embodiment of the easy nature of the music. The purple adds to this encouraging deep contemplation and meditations creating an atmosphere in the venue. The green works in the palette as its complementary, its not too sharp so continues the mellow mood but at the same time is able to highlight particular sections acting almost as a subtle spotlight.

Dark Sky

All the lights appear to be LED, they can be characterised by their sharper colour tones casting brighter diffused beams. The majority of the light appears to be from a high ceiling source with the green and blue spots surrounding the act from the floor space in front. The addition of live vision mixing projection helps to add character to the plain white wall. The projected image itself creates interesting effects on the artist allowing them to step between the beam and the wall, as it is simplistic it doesn’t distract, the black background means the existing light isn’t massively effected and the yellow lines can cut into the existing light design.



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