Production Meeting 21/10

Today was the first meeting for Postal Service, the majority of the crew were present with the focus being on script feedback and assembling the rest of the crew. My main feedback was to shorten the script, in my mind it is a 5 – 10 minute fun film and needs not exceed this time scale. This can easily be done by deciding how to approach the theme of the film, is it self aware that its a B movie – therefore it can mock the conventions – or is it purely a tribute. Kurt saw it more as a tribute but will develop the script and try to cut back.

Amongst the crew we suggested possible members for editors, directors, writers, along with locating an additional sound recordist in Jesse to work alongside Jordan and Beth. The rest of the meeting was spent spitballing ideas of how to develop the script further.

Coming away from the meeting I am awaiting the next version of the script before I can start executing lighting tests and generating ideas. For now I will research into the B movie visual style, in comparison to ‘Grindhouse’ (i.e. Machete). There is slight potential for some stylisation but this will all be dependent on the next version of the script Kurt presents us.


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