Production Meeting 24/10

A brief meeting following up from the test shoot Wednesday. Beth has already spoken to me about doing a test purely focusing on lighting for next Wednesday (29th Oct) so I will concentrate on preparing for this shoot. I don’t expect this to be anything in depth, for me it is more the case of getting time in the studio and making amendments to the lighting rig, all will be dependent on the subject I am given to light. The next test following that will be Wednesday 12th November.

I have been asked to start composing a budget for lighting as this is the department where it is difficult to get equipment. I want dynamic lighting common in live performance, the majority of equipment available is static as its priority is for film and television production. There is potential to collaborate between Minty’s Varsity project and Beth’s in terms of hiring equipment as I will be doing lighting for both live events.

For now I have requested a list of the bands and demos of the sets they will be playing, this way I can start designing the lighting to match their specific genre and mood. For example I am predicting bright greens and oranges for the ska band. In order to progress with the lighting design I need to know the set design and the bands, for now I will purely be providing estimates.

One final date to mention is Tuesday 4th November where we will be pitching the project to 2nd year students at 10am. This is the perfect opportunity for me to find a lighting assistant, I definitely need an extra hand in rigging but there isn’t enough creative input to make this worthwhile for a 3rd year student.


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