TV Studio Test Footage

All the copies of the footage from the test shoot in the TV studio have now been exported from the gallery. I have watched them back to critique the lighting choices and consider what did and didn’t work so I know which direction to head in.

Drum Kit Test 1

Starts off dark initially, shadows falling down his face appear quite dramatic. I like the effect when all the lights pop on following him hitting the drum, certain beats could trigger certain changes to the light. The back light on the drummer is very effective, in the wide shot it makes him pop out from everything else on screen. The light focused on the drum kit face is also effective, however it may be slightly misdirected. The left hand symbol is lost in darkness whilst the empty space to the right is lit for no apparent reason. His face is not evenly lit, does work in this scenario in relation to dramatic and stylised lighting.

Band Test 1

Bass a little too dark at the beginning, could put slightly stronger light against the strings. Feel the lighting queue doesn’t match as you don’t really hear the kick drum come in, not a loud enough change to justify such a dramatic change in lighting. The back light on the bassist helps to pull him out from the background, but the black shirt isn’t a good choice of colour as it counteracts this effect. The guitarist also needs a back light as side and front aren’t enough to pop him out from the darkness. Shadow of the guitarist covers the drum kit face light in close up angles.

The inclusion of floor lights is effective in adding depth and making the background more interesting. I particularly like seeing the light head as it gives a very ‘studio session’ feel to the performance, when other lights overhead are seen by the camera it heightens this mise-en-scene. At the end I like how the lighting switches down before it fades to black fully.

Band Test 2

Same as the previous test, further improvements are needing in highlighting the guitarist and the front of both instrumentalists. I feel like the lighting on the drummer is almost complete whilst the other members are purely lit up to be visible. Need to consider what space they will occupy and light as appropriate, however it could be argued I should light the stage area and the subjects will naturally draw themselves into the light if they move around a lot during their performance.

Band Test 3

Change in lighting change up was much more effective. The initial lighting I feel has two style choices, the bassist is a silhouette and almost blends into the darkness whereas the guitarist and drummer are both partly illuminated. It should either be the reverse setup or opt for one of the style choices. When the light changes I feel the camera should focus on the drummer to emphasise the increased volume.

Band Test 4

Happy with initial lighting, the spot may be slightly too strong on the drummer as a lot of light is bouncing off the symbol. The change in stance of the guitarist means the existing lights are no longer hitting him as expected. Once again the two instrumentalists need a stronger light source hitting their faces as they feel very washed out in comparison with the drummer. The continuous lighting queues changing between light and dark matching the sections of the song I feel are very effective, however it is important that when it dials back down the camera stays at a close up so it isn’t too noticeable. It looks good when it switches up but it may look strange on a wide shot if it changed down and wasn’t ending the song.


Upon reflection I am very happy with the end result of this lighting setup, it was something simplistic but worked effectively. As I have previously mentioned I feel this setup would be better suited for an acoustic act, with the larger and more energetic acts I would need lights to compliment that. The little dynamic changes kept it a little more interesting rather than a plain selection of lights.

I was happy with the drummer lighting but think more work needs to be done with the instrumentalists. Both were lit visibly but the guitarist was in need of a back light and both needed a little more light to pull out features in their faces and instruments. As both instrumentalists were relatively static it made lighting them a slightly easier job, when it comes to more active ones I will need to focus on lighting an area as opposed to the individual.

I can definitely progress with this lighting setup for acoustic performances, personally it had a ‘live lounge’ feel with a selection of audio equipment scattered across the frame and the visible light sources. It was a very toned down and chilled back performance, this will work nicely in switching the mood from DJs and bands.


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