Production Meeting 27/10

As this production meeting took place part way through one of my sessions of location lighting design I had to pop in and out to get the relevant information concerning myself. I can refer to the minutes of meeting Claudia will compile for any further information.

My role was officially confirmed to the entire production team, I will be lighting both the Varsity and Election events, along with creating lighting plans for other people to execute in the case of vlogs leading up to and proceeding the main event. We also had a vote as to whether we should broadcast a match live from the Memorial Stadium, a strong vote for yes means I will also be lighting director for this aspect of the project.

The emphasis was on Varsity for my time at the meeting, the content will be the following:

– Vlogs (fortnightly, updates on Varsity 2014, varied locations)
– Varsity Day Live (TV studio, 4 – 5 hours)
– Live Match (Memorial stadium, either football or rugby)

Production continues to proceed forward. In the meantime Minty is looking into existing lighting equipment the university has available, he also mentioned he is trying to arrange a meeting for me with the drama department and the technician from the Frenchay RED Bar who has experience with their equipment.


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