Spit Gold Under An Empire

Rosa approached me today and asked if I was able to colour grade her film, unfortunately my schedule looks way too full for me to make that commitment so I told her that I may find the time when her film is done but I really cannot be sure. Rosa expressed an interest in grading it herself in that case so I brought her into the grading suite to go over some fundamental principles.

As her project is a documentary I went over how to colour correct in its easiest form. Reading the luminance scope the aim is to keep the levels between 0 and 100 as they are deemed ‘safe’, anything over or under will lose colour information. The vector can be used to match up skin tones and oversee the general hue. Finally the RGB mixer is the most useful, balancing the lift, gamma and gain, and basically matching these levels will provide an even skin tone. I also showed her how to change these manually in the program without the use of a desk.

At the end of the day colour grading is purely based upon peoples opinions, there is no right or wrong, just what best replicates the style you want to create. Rosa showed me an example of the visual style she wanted: Spit Gold Under An Empire.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 12.46.52

Using some test footage I quickly replicated this style. After colour correction I pulled the shadows towards the blue and the mids towards pink, I then added a layer of film grain. It was a relatively quick and simple style to create and Rosa was really happy with the results. The following clip shows each layer of the grade, the first colour correction, the second blue and pinks, the third film grain.


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