Production Meeting 31/10

Today was a brief meeting, for me I needed the opportunity to discuss my role in the project. I am finding myself getting busier with other projects and sadly this one is the least relevant to my craft and skills I want to build upon. I spoke to Sam (Producer) and Kurt (Writer) expressing my concerns for my involvement, however at the meantime I am happy to continue to collaborate until the ‘green light’ presentations, once I know which projects will be getting made I can then figure out my priorities.

The suggested idea was shifting my role to a gaffer, therefore losing creative control over the visual style. This way I can still get involved as I love the idea, but at the same time not get distracted from other projects. Reflecting upon this I feel it is the best idea, I get still get involved and get some additional lighting experience, but at the same time focus on designing for my main projects. With a prominent DP for this film I have great confidence in stepping back, for now I am keeping the Lighting Director role and playing it as it goes. Filming should be around February time, in theory this would balance nicely between the gap of films and the live events.


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