Drama Department Lighting

The fact that both the Election/Varsity project and Bristol Vibes are live events has shifted the medium of lighting I am working within. Whilst the majority of projects are films so use equipment such as ARRIs, Dedos and Kinoflos I need to try and source theatrical and live event lighting such as moving heads and par cans. This type of equipment I am familiar with coming from a theatrical technical background but I am struggling to source this type of lighting which will be the better option than trying to adapt studio and film lights to fulfil their purpose.

I spoke to Barney Curtis from the UWE Drama Department, he seems to running the technical side of the department so was the best contact for sourcing theatrical lighting. I spoke to him about both the projects and he loves the ideas, however unfortunately the dates will coincide with the assessed productions for Drama. As they are still in the process of moving into the new site they are still in the process of building their inventory, it would be good to go back in January and see what they may have spare at that point. Even if they don’t have any lights Barney thinks they will definitely have lighting gels and most of their kit has gone to LED technology which has built in DMX colour changing.

Other places to check for lighting would be the UWE conference centre at Frenchay, along with the bars on the Frenchay campus. I have relayed this information back to Minty (Election/Varsity) and Beth (Bristol Vibes) for them to consider as producers. I believe Minty has already been in talks with the bars at Frenchay concerning the matter.

Speaking to Barney further I mentioned my theatrical background and expressed interest in working with the department on a personal basis away from my course. This is the type of work I want to get into follow graduation, and hopefully there can be opportunities to fuel this throughout my final year. As they have only just moved in they aren’t sure how much collaboration they will be open up to but this will definitely happen in the future. It’s a shame I didn’t know about all of this before (as they were on a different campus), but hopefully I can get involved over the course of the year and see if anything arises following my final year. In the meantime he has said to drop him an email about the projects and myself.


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