Initial Art Direction

Beth and I have been discussing art design for the project, next week in our studio session this will become a strong focus. When discussing the project these two videos from Live With Jools Holland became particularly strong influences and examples of the vision for the project.

Beth has been able to source some large wooden boards to place in the background, these can have letters and designs cut into them so I can throw light through the gaps to illuminate them. We are toying with the idea of what colours to line them with and what to paint them, but the basic concept is to throw 2K ARRIS through as a strong backlight source.

Looking at the Disclosure clip all the light comes from behind Sam Smith, with some subtle floor lights to illuminate his face fully and some focused on each DJ. This is apparent once again in the Chase & Status clip with two sets of back lights on either side of the set, and a few scattered amongst the DJs. The lead singer has a back light from the ceiling beaming down aqua with two can either side of the front of stage to illuminate her further. Finally the illuminated letters ‘C’ and ‘S’ complete the lighting setup. I get a feeling the Chase & Status stage is going to be the strongest influence alongside Boiler Room Sessions when developing the design further.


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