A Single Man Trailer

From the trailer alone and I see the focus on colour and strong visuals. The trailer constantly cuts between extreme close ups, immediately drawing attention to the subject matter. Often this close up will feature a strong colour, showing how the film is driven by a visual narrative. I am yet to watch the film but this instantly gives me a gage of what Tom is seeking.

There is a continuation of recurring shots of eyes and mouths, both very intimate areas of the human body and capable of carrying a lot of emotion.

The general grade of the film appears washed out with a slight green tinge. The varying nature of the green hue suggests a reflection of the ever-changing stability of the narrative, possibly adding to the mental state of the protagonist.

A few shots that jump out to me as a colourist:

  • Red Lipstick – jumps between natural lips and vibrant red, instantly draws the eye and carries connotations of romance or death, opposite ends of the spectrum continue the idea of the ever-changing nature of the narrative and protagonist.
  • Eyes – majority are heavily outlined with makeup instantly drawing you into the pupil, all of which are relatively vibrant.
  • Green Dress – unusual shot/perspective, green stands out as analogous colour scheme, vibrant in comparison to rest of frame instantly drawing attention.
  • Water Colour – Varied from blue at beginning to orange at the end, suggests that the narrative begins dark and cold, but the character reaches some goal for happiness, suggesting brighter outcome due to western colour theory.

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