Panasonic 101 Vs Sony FS700

Liz had expressed interest in filming with the Panasonic 101 as it is one of the most covert cameras we have readily available. My instant thought in terms of grading is “Yes! It will be better than choosing a DSLR”, but at the same time I feel like “But what colour space can I get from this camera?”. I am already familiar with grading Sony FS700 footage (next camera to consider for the project) and am aware of limitations in the colour space. I feel like the Panasonic 101 will be even more limited as it isn’t as advanced. None the less I cannot draw this conclusion until I have done some research and drawn comparisons, and most importantly tested the footage in DaVinci Resolve.

Panasonic 101 Vs Sony FS700

This is one of few sites that I can find to draw a direct comparison between the two cameras as the Panasonic 101 is often weighed up against the Sony FS100. Admittedly it isn’t the greatest comparison tool but it is definitely a good starting point.

In terms of image and colour both operate with a CMOS sensor, with the Sony as a Super 35mm size sensor, and the Panasonic 1/FourThirds. Both also offer adjustable colours, so in theory I could establish an in camera look with the DOP for filming, this could be shifted towards a logarithmic filming pattern so I have greater control of the blacks and whites. This is the limitations of the information presented so far, but from a quick glance I am failing to see many differences that will effect my colour control of the image. If I’m honest anything that isn’t shot in RAW seems limited!


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