Production Meeting 5/11

This week hasn’t seen masses of creative development, each department have been focusing on their own research. The main aim is to focus on the script and get closer towards the final version, only a few areas can continue to develop, the rest are really in need of a pretty much finalised version of the script.

Nathan and Rashida have suggested using ‘Megafounder’ rather than ‘Kickstarter’ for raising funds, they take a smaller percentage of what is raised and runs pretty much exactly the same. The marketing strategy needs to be revised for this, currently we are looking at creating a trailer from the test footage shot throughout the course of pre-production.

We reviewed a vague production schedule and will push filming back slightly to middle/end of January allowing everyone time to focus on their dissertations, once this is handed in we can shoot. Working with child actors will mean some scenes have to be shot at the weekend or evening to accommodate for school. Shooting this early leaves plenty of time for post-production:
Edit – Approx 2 weeks
Sound Design/Grade – Approx 2 weeks
Visual Effects – Approx 2 weeks
Conform/Final Export – Approx 1 week
Overall – around two months. Once completed the focus can shift purely on marketing and transmedia.

Nathan and Joe have located a contact for child actors following their directorial workshop. Rashida has another contact who is interested in developing a short radio piece (around 5 minutes) and needs a script. This is an opportunity to add to the transmedia experience or generate content that can be used to market the film if it doesn’t fit exactly into our story world. The deadline for this piece to be completed is November 20th.

Jordan is visiting Glenside campus for sound recording tests with Michele and Rob, so he can recce the hospital area for sound quality and take a few pictures.

Have gone through the script and discussed cues/ideas for creative use, will need a final copy of the script to develop further. Jordan will be doing the sound design for the forest test shoot so the film can be used for marketing.

Finalise the grade for the forest test shoot so it can be used for marketing.

Set Design
Continued to research, has looked into creating the steam effect from the creatures and possible mask ideas. Will have a rabbit mask to reference ‘Alice In Wonderland’, Josh suggested a mask to match Elly’s teddy to show how the fear of the gang is always surrounding her.

Steadicam tests to be filmed this coming week, previously cancelled due to illness and then workshops. Will also include GoPro tests to compare quality between Sony FS700 and GoPro images.

Look into Megafounder rather than Kickstarter. Aiming to have trailer compiled by December 12th.

Will be meeting with Nathan/Dan following the schedule being created.

Completing next version of the script and agreeing on a schedule with Joshua.

Scheduling meeting 12.30pm Friday 7th November with Rashida, Nathan and Dan. Cannot calculate where to film each scene until script is done but can accommodate enough days. Will start looking into casting for a call to be put up during the week. Still need to research the copyright for the T.S.Elliot poem. Look into legalities of using child actors prior to the casting call.

Ready for next weeks meeting (12th November):

  • Film schedule
  • Transmedia department meeting
  • Forest test graded and sound design complete
  • Steadicam/GoPro tests conducted
  • Script/treatment sent to BsC Audio & Music Technology student via Rashida

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