BBC Final Score

Final Score was one of the shows Minty mentioned to me when concerning set design, once the set has been put in place I can advance with my lighting but for now I can look at examples for lighting considerations. Final Score is a BBC television programme broadcasted every Saturday afternoon following live results of the day’s matches, along with discussions between the studio and reporters on location.

The first thing to note about lighting is there is no stylisation whatsoever, every subject is lit evenly, the entire set is lit purely for illumination. Never the less there is still a lot of lighting choices involved in order to create this even look, whilst at the same time avoiding the image looking very flat.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.44.29

The studio setup consists of a small platform where all the presenters are seated around the desk. The background is a combination of illuminated yellow blocks (matching house style of BBC sport) and television screens with graphics for the programme. The overall colour palette centralises around green, yellow and black, also featuring blue and white that work into the palette due to similar hues. The green under lighting of the stage is highlights the fact the subjects are raised, but at the same time works to highlight the health and safety risk of working at height. The desk is a light source itself, this provides additional lighting to each subject from below. As the colour differs from the rest of the scene it instantly makes it a centre piece and draws the eye to it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.44.59


The shadows on the subjects neck and hairline are evidence of strong lighting from a higher frontal source. This is likely to be a combination of soft boxes to provide a very soft and diffused beam that evenly lights the subject and creates a desirable aesthetic look to the skin tones. You can see the top right of her hair highlighted subtly by another light, this is likely to be the back light source hitting the top of her head to help bring her out from the background. From this still alone I imagine one back light from the right and the rest consisting of soft boxes in front of the subject.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.45.34

The same lighting design is apparent on the following two subjects, however the back light isn’t as prominent. It is likely the floor area was lit as a generalisation, unknowing of each week’s guests and how they will move in the studio environment.

The lighting design of this studio environment differs from how I intend to approach lighting this project. Personally I see back and side lighting more importantly than fill light. It is these two angles of light that help to add depth and stylisation. Once I have the studio plans I can make further consideration, but if it becomes a general studio chat show environment I will utilise the softboxes. Looking at this lighting any stylisation is subtle, nothing jumps out meaning the designer has done a successful job. I think the role of lighting designer (to a certain extent) is one that goes unnoticed unless it goes wrong. Food for thought is practical lights that can work into the physical construction of the set itself.





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