This was a strong influence Minty recommended I view to get across the idea of a activity zone in the Varsity studio setup. The idea was for fun and childish activities to take place between panel sessions discussing the days events, also helping to fill time in the show.

The lighting is very static employing a typical studio lighting setup. The general colour temperature is much warmer and inviting for the audience. The removal of generic white light for natural skin tones still works within the colour palette of multicoloured bright hues, a common attribute to children’s television of the decade.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 01.08.12

The light panels that are part of the set are slightly dynamic as they change colour slowly and cycle through specific hues. You can see how the majority of the lighting design is implemented into the set design, whilst the actual lighting rig for the subjects is very generic, illuminating the subjects fully so their shadows appear flat on the studio floor usually out of shot.

This sequence takes place on another part of the studio floor away from the main seating/presenting area. The studio lighting continues to provide an even and warm tone throughout the whole image with very minor shadows cast directed towards the floor. Once again the extent of dynamic lighting can be seen built into the set design as some of the disc panels flash in sequence to the music.

Bringing this back to this project the method of lighting prominent to back and side is still an important factor but I need to remember to ensure the entire floor is lit for areas of high movement. Especially the suggested activity area where subjects are likely to be moving a lot. Personal preference would dictate trying to make a stronger back light so the fill doesn’t wash over the image, but at the same time if I need a general wash to illuminate the entire area with high movement this will take prominence. It is more important to see what is going on before I start fine tuning and stylising the light, it’s pointless having something stylistic if it means you can’t actually see what is going on.



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