I went into the TV Studio at 4.30pm and was able to pull off a lighting setup for the auditions ready for 5.15pm when the first participant came in. As the lighting setup was fairly basic I happily went in on the day and set up from the current state of the rig, just swapping around the odd fresnel for a softbox.


The standing interview space I used two strong side/back lights from either direction to light the side of each subjects face. I then placed two softboxes in front of them to act as a fill light whilst two more were placed just behind acting as down/back light for added depth. As it was just a black curtain I ensured both subjects were lit at all times and used the fill more subtly compared to the rest of the lights in the setup.


For the sitting down interview I created a setup and ended up making minor adjustments between auditions, the reason for this was not enough light on the interviewers face. I used two fresnel lights from either side to illuminate each subjects face from the side, then once again used two softboxes as subtle fill light. Another fresnel was directed behind the sofas running across the frame for added depth. When I faced the issue with a dark face I increased one of the fill lights and ended up adding another fresnel to help illuminate. As a result I had to dial down the F-stop on one of the cameras to ensure all colour profiles were matching to the visible eye.


I have made a note of the lighting rig used, hopefully it will stay in an almost identical state come the auditions tomorrow making my setup easier. I am really happy with how it all looked down the camera, all the subjects had a good sense of depth and managed to capture that ‘twinkle’ in their eyes that made it aesthetically pleasing.


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