Atonement Green Dress

Kiera Knightley’s emerald green dress is an iconic item in the film Atonement (2007). Tom (Director) has highlighted this as a prominent use of colour in fashion style filmmaking. The colour often cuts through the scene as it appears much more vibrant. The choice of framing, composition and colour cast help Kiera Knightley to become an icon purely based on the gown.


The dress often features in brown and oak coloured sets, a triad hue in relation to it. This colour harmony allows the dress to become increasingly vibrant against the dull and darker surrounding scenery. Green becomes the dominate colour whilst the brown accents, ensuring focus is purely drawn onto this costume. Even when the dress is taken outside you tend to find the green grass hues act as analogous colours to support the emerald green, casting a comfortable design.

The select of the dress itself will be important in relation to what else is included in the scene. It needs to be a hue located far away from the surrounding hues so when it comes to grading the image it can purely isolate this colour to highlight it further. Similar analogous hues in the frame are likely to be highlighted when attempting to isolate the colour. This idea of taking close consideration to every colour in the frame when filming I can present to Jack (DP) to ensure I can manipulate the colours in the grade as outlined in the script.


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