Production Meeting 12/11

Now the production schedule is available online things are running much smoother as everyone is aware of their individual schedules. The Steadicam tests this week were cancelled due to wet weather, it is up to Joe, Mike, Dan and Nathan to decide when to reschedule it, they need to make sure it gets completed ready for the trailer editing dates. On the same note everyone can query what they need to do for any date on the schedule by referring to the breakdown sheet and speaking directly to the other participants involved before having to contact Joshua, Nathan or Dan.

This week the following will happen:
– Casting call continued
– Reschedule Steadicam
– Marketing meeting 1pm Friday 14th November (Sam, Nathan, Dan, Joshua)
– Meet for storyboard and give to Steph to draw up
– Final delivery for forest test footage

Looking ahead to next Thursday the TV studio is booked out for filming the trailer. The agreement is to film the sunrise footage the same day, this will involve Mike, Dan, Nathan, Joe, Liz and Helen, no on-set sound is required.

Not everyone has read the latest script yet, this will be done by Friday. General feedback was to remove the additional scene at the end ‘happy ending’. It felt too forced and tied things up too neatly, need to remain with a sense of enigma.

Rashida has generated some multimedia ideas, the meeting yesterday was postponed but development has already started. Nathan and Dan will be meeting with Rashida later today so the multimedia project can shape and fit into the production schedule.


The final order to business on budgeting, it has been agreed a minimum sum of £20 per person is a reasonable donation, anything more is optional. Dan, Nathan & Joshua will set up a joint account ready for next weeks meeting. Everyone can they pay their part and expenses will work on providing a copy of receipts for reimbursement. Set Design will come up with a budget ready for next week and a balance can be made in relation to what is generated. An additional £500 will be generated from Kickstarter. Anything left over after production will be distributed in relation to how much each crew member invested.


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