Production Meeting 14/11

Liz has been faces various issues with Channel 4 over the time we get to spend filming Billy despite them knowing about us when they first approached him. As they have no exclusive rights and Billy wants us to make our documentary, Liz is working on several scenarios and narratives that we can tell his story.

For now I am still awaiting on the visual brief from Liz so I can start experimenting with the grade and collaborate on the visual style. I am still a little concerned about the available colour space on the Panasonic 101 if Liz wants something heavily stylised. There will be some test footage soon so I can use that as the perfect opportunity to compare the Panasonic footage to Sony FS700 footage that I have previously graded for other projects.

The crew will be filming an interview with Billy on November 25th, Chris will edit in November 27th so I can do the grade on November 28th [I have booked the facilities] ready to be previewed on the pitching day the following week.

I know Liz has been facing a lot of issues with getting the documentary scheduled (e.g. still no surgery date), but I admire her ability to adapt to the situation. The production is progressing well and I am excited to start having some creative input on it.


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