Acoustic Lighting Review 1

This was the first test shot on November 11th. This was pretty much the lighting setup I was happy with, as the tests went on I made subtle changes to colour (blue gels over practical lights) and lighting position. None the less this demonstrates the setup that was used and I want to continue to implement for all the acoustic acts on Bristol Vibes.

The red and blue are complementary colours, therefore work well aesthetically with one enough. Red is always an active colour whilst blue remains passive. Blue is cold and soothing whilst red is warm and vibrant. This tone the lighting implies is very in keeping with the song that Jack is performing. The blue in particular casting darker shadows on the face that seems to connote the song visually.

The red light on his face needs to be slightly more prominent as currently it is mostly lost in his hair as back light. I feel having that contrast in colours on either side of his face will enhance the complementary palette. At the same time I am liking where it hits his arm and the neck of the guitar, I think a subtle shift in the position of the light to bring it around more as a side than back light can resolve this conflict.

I was definitely right in my choice to place gels over the light. In the wide shots the practical lights are way too dominant, but I definitely enjoy the lens flare effect they are creating. By adding gels it matches the general colour temperature of the image. However if I chose not to match the temperature scrim would definitely be a useful addition.

All of the subject is illuminated effectively so that every part is visible by all the cameras. The shadow cast by the microphone is positioned away from the subjects face [hitting chin and neck slightly] so that it doesn’t intrude on the image.

In conclusion the colour palette is extremely effective, replicating the tone of the song and creating a visual style without deteriorating the image quality. The only amendments I would make to this shot would be adding gels to the lights (which has been done in later tests), and shifting the positioning of the red light for a more side on perspective. In later tests I have also experimented with changing the colour of the contrasting light, along with the source it comes from. I look forward to seeing evidence of the other tests and evaluating how well the lighting was executed. From this test alone I am extremely pleased with how the image looks, just a few minor tweaks to the lights, but overall I think I have nailed down the lighting rig and design for acoustic acts, with the emphasise continuing to be on back and side lighting, then adding a subtle fill.


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