Auditions Lighting Review

My approach to lighting the auditions was an emphasis on back and side light before introducing the fill to ensure the entire face was illuminated fully for camera. As previously mentioned I was unable to stay for the entire duration of the auditions, so I feel the lighting could have been refined slightly between the acts. Nevertheless this audition example gives a strong reference and reflection to the plans I executed.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 17.44.24

The first lighting setup was a single subject against no background. The emphasis on side and back light worked really well on these shots, adding a sense of dimension to the subject and suggesting depth between them and the blackness. This is best achieved by the hotter spots cast on their shoulders and side of face. As this was a fairly static address to camera I was able to mark out a specific spot for them to stand where lightings could hit most successfully.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 17.45.13Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 17.44.51

This two shot interview required lighting on two separate sofas, the difficulty being each subject was likely to move around and keep adjusting their seating position. I think some audition tapes were less successful as I was unable to keep adjusting the rig in relation to the position of varying subjects, however it could be argued I should light to accommodate for more movement.

The lighting for the presenter was almost always successful, a back light hitting their shoulders for depth perception and the side light focused more on the inside of their face in relation to the frame. It was Minty who I faced issues with in terms of varying position. The above screenshot sees his face illuminated well however their is a significantly hotter spot on his left shoulder rather than an even skin tone. In future I will need to create a wider lighting area for this movement, despite this the back and inner side light combination worked successfully.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 17.45.45

Finally the two shot interview continued from the opening shot lighting design. As you can see the side light is stronger on the inside of their faces to draw the viewers eye into the centre of the conversation subtly. Both are evenly lit, the emphasis on the back light is still prominent but not as successful when compared to the opening shot. The addition of a second source so one can be focused on each subject could resolve this, as currently both are relying on a singular source.

Having gone through all the audition tapes I am happy with the lighting setup and feel the emphasis on back and side light was the most successful method, especially when dealing with blackness for a background in order to add a sense of depth. In terms of improvement when it comes to multiple subjects or a lot of movement I need to widen the spot on the fresnel to accommodate for this, ensuring the back and side light remain stronger on the subject. Lighting the inside of the face is another successful and important factor to take away from this, relaying with the director about camera movement will be a useful method to keep this effect prominent.



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