Having attended several seminars from industry professionals I am starting to shape an opinion on working freelance. I’ve never been certain on whether it is the type of work for me, the biggest concern being management and constant workflow. However these industry talks have made me rethink my stance on it, I’m still not certain if I want to work freelance but my concerns regarding these issues have been slightly resolved.

One company mentioned as a key contributor to working as a freelance media practitioner was ‘BECTU’. The Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union has around 25,000 members in the entertainment industry across the UK. The organisation is funded by its members through subscription fees and aims to support those working or seeking employment in this trade sector.


The industry represents all types of employment, the reason for it causing my interest in the support they provide to freelance workers. Like with any trade union they seek equality for all people at work, protecting individuals to ensure everyone can secure the financial support they deserve for their skills.

There is a lot involved with BECTU, it is difficult to view everything it can offer a freelancer without subscribing as a member to see all of the relevant content. The company boasts how its represents and supports all of its members, judging by the amount of members and the positive words industry professionals speak about them it is definitely worth consideration if I go into freelance work.

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