Acoustic Lighting Review 2

Continuing from my previous review of the lighting design this first video shows the development I made with Jack’s performance. It was only a subtle change by adding blue gels over the practical ARRI lights, but it makes a huge impact as to the colour of the scene. The wide shot is much cooler, with the contrasting colours working in closer harmony. Seeing the difference highlights how the tungsten beam of the ARRI was being too intrusive and cutting into the image.

My previous comment about needing to move the red light to wrap around the subject more effectively still remains the case. Never the less I am extremely happy with the execution of the use of light and colour for this performance and know it is a revolution in my approach to lighting this project.

For the second acoustic performer, Alex, I opted to experiment further anticipating the review of the lights after to see what did and did not work. For the first performance I swapped around the contrasting light position, using red as a key on his face. Doing this makes red become the primary colour of the frame and as a result shifts the entire balance of the palette. I personally feel the blue practical lights no longer feel they match; they become intrusive amongst the darker red palette. I definitely preferred blue as a key light as it better illuminated the subject. Furthermore having red as the dominant colour doesn’t match the tone of the performance, it would have been more appropriate for Jack’s rendition of Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’.

When it came to the final performance I experimented further with the palette and removed the red light knowing it didn’t fit the style and genre of the performance. Using a gold gel continued the use of contrast hues, but offered a brighter and happier connotation of the performance. This create a much more inviting image, and I feel it was a better reflection of the mellow acoustic genre. The blue practical lights felt more in place as the brighter intensity was constant throughout the frame.

The idea of bringing the back light around more (in this performance blue) would still benefit the image. Also the introduction of down lighting to see the feet needs further work, unfortunately I didn’t have opportunity to experiment further. I anticipate the use of floor lamps can help illuminate the feet without deteriorating the quality of light on the subjects face.

This studio shoot has been extremely important in nailing down a working visual style, especially the use of contrasting colour palettes on the subject. It highlights the importance of how you position these lights, along with which colour should be cast from each lamp. This is a visual style I will continue to develop and build upon.


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