Django Explosion

Another look at the reaction to an explosion. Taken from Django Unchained (2012).

As he initially walks about can see moonlight mimicked as a white LED light source is shone directly down, strikes harder on his shoulders and hat. The smoke seems digitally enhanced, none the less it takes into account for the moonlight to heighten its presence.

Sudden flood of orange light hitting his face as the explosion occurs. The artificial moonlight is still apparent on his hat and shoulders, acting more of a backlight to pull him out from the background as the entire image becomes washed with a strong orange light. Quickly dims back to a slightly brighter natural light as the flames continue to be replicated through lighting with the quality flickering.

This is generally much more stylistic than the 80s B movies that this film is replicating, quite possibly due to the more recent production period and the difference in genre – centralised around western rather than action. Most 80s actions have a general image wash, nothing too stylistic, often the character seems distanced from the impact of the explosion, almost to an unnatural point detaching him from the space.


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