Jools Holland – Heavy Music

The more I have been thinking about the live DJ set which requires dynamic lighting, the more I query whether this also needs to be the case with the studio performances for the bands. I’ve been watching some more Jools Holland examples for energetic and heavier bands, staying clear of the easy acoustic music that is a better example for the acoustic set.

The lighting for Mastodon remains fairly static still, there is some suggested subtle movement but nothing substantial enough that it could be compared to a live festival performance. The emphasise appears to be on stronger back light to really flood the entire studio and add to the grand scale of the performance.

The base blue lighting for Metallica remains static, constantly lighting the floor area, once again stronger from the back rather than the front fill. However the entire white LED rig suspended above the band continues to move matching the energetic beat of the song. I would argue this breaks the general style of the programme, but then again the main stage and the act performing are superstars so the whole technical execution has to continue this brand identity.

I think this performance definitely supports the argument for dynamic lighting, but I need to be realistic when considering the difference in staging areas, performers, and available equipment. My focus on lighting should look at the smaller stages of Jools Holland as opposed to the main stage with all the expensive technology that turns the television aspect into something of a live event.

Once again an emphasise on back light as the entire area behind the drummer is lined with white light shining directly in front whilst acting as practical lighting. The stripped back lighting works with the genre of music, it comes across very bare and raw, mimicking the sound of the band “Raw”.

The Pixies are a full electric performance with an energetic sound, but the lighting continues with the Jools Holland studio vibe with nothing too ‘gig-like’ (as in dynamic, high intensity, etc). The red illuminated set works in harmony with clean white LED beams at the back of the set directed towards each performer, floor lamps lined across the front of the stage help to further illuminate each subject as they act as fill lights.

I think overall static lighting can work for the project, if there is any opportunity to bring in some basic dynamic lighting and find a way to control it even better. The emphasise should continue to be on back and side static lighting, continuing the get that perfected before considering anything further. Even if the performance feels energetic I need to remember the house style for the brand, foremost this is a television studio performance not a live event.



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